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Slingmaster Tactical "Weapon Attachment System - Personal" Black
  • Slingmaster Tactical "Weapon Attachment System - Personal" Black

    SKU: 0006
    • 100mm aluminum D-ring body armor attachment
    • Solid steel weapon attachment buckle
    • Quick release safety buckle
    • 5 to 16 inch length adjustment feature
    • Lifetime Guarantee
    • Made in USA with US made components
    • Deployed Worldwide



      The Weapon Attachment System - Personal (WASP) Sling - Black is a quick easy way to attach almost any weapon to body armor or a load bearing vest. The strap consists of a 100mm D-ring and steel HK style snap link with a quick adjust strap for personal preference to length. The system will secure the weapon to the Operator's strong side on any MOLLE set up or strap available on the shoulder area of the vest. Check your vest or body armor for existing mounting points.


      Lifetime Guarantee

      Our slings are all US made from US made components and are built to be quicker, better, and stronger. We stand behind every one we make. And despite the fact that we know operators are notoriously rough on their gear you break one and we'll shake your hand and make you another. Period. No excuses.

    Color: Black
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