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Slingmaster Tactical Three Point Sling - Collapsible Stock - AR / M4
  • Slingmaster Tactical Three Point Sling - Collapsible Stock - AR / M4

    SKU: 0016
    • 1.5 Inch Heavy Weight Polypro Webbing
    • Compression Molded Nylon Quick Release Safety Buckle
    • Universal Front and Rear Mounts
    • Lifetime Guarantee
    • Made in USA with US made components
    • Deployed Worldwide

      Slingmaster Tactical's Three Point Sling is the most secure and arguably the most comfortable sling we make. It can hold the weapon in an upright ready position on the front of your body, in a cross carry on your back, or in a backpack carry using both straps. It features a universal handguard collar and a rear strap mount that will fit most collapsible stocks. It's easily adjustable from small frame to large. It's constructed from 1.5 inch heavy weight polypro with compression molded nylon buckles. It's built to last. 


      Lifetime Guarantee

      Our slings are all US made from US made components and are built to be quicker, better, and stronger. We stand behind every one we make. And despite the fact that we know operators are notoriously rough on their gear you break one and we'll shake your hand and make you another. Period. No excuses.

    Color: Black
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