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Made In USA - Ejection Port Cover

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Add a personal touch to your AR. Engraved port covers are easy to install, LOOK GOOD, and definately make a statement. Installation UNLOAD THE WEAPON Place the rifle on a white towel ejection port up.(You'll see why in a minute.) Using a sharp pair of needle nose pliers or a heavy duty pair of tweezers remove the tiny little C clamp on the right end of the ejection port bar. Look close. It's there. Pick up the C clamp off the white towel where you dropped it and set it aside. (Told you you'd need the white towel.) Slide the bar to the left underneath the forward assist far enough that the cover spring comes off. (It's tight, but it will slide.) Pick up the ejection port spring off the white towel where it fell and set it aside.(See. There's the white towel again.) Slide the existing port cover off to the right. (It'll flex a little bit to get past the delta ring.) Replace the new ejection port cover in it's place. Don't forget to twist the cover spring 1/2 turn when you put it back on the bar so your port cover still pops down.

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